Do you plan to make a vintage pocket watch collection? Do you know what it takes to maintain these rare pieces of art? Are you clueless on how to go about this kind of collection? Are you worried you might end up damaging important pieces of history, and wasting your valuable time and money? Owning these time pieces involves knowhow and experience, but is easy to learn, if your heart is truly into it. All it takes is gathering the correct information, from reliable sources. However, you might ask yourself, “Where do I start?” The answer is less complicated than you may think.

All the answers on how to maintain a vintage pocket watch may be found over the internet, but basically, this is what you have to do. Unlike conventional modern watches, these vintage watches are not water proof. Keep them out of water and moisture to avoid rust. Temperature also plays a large role in maintenance. Antique watches such as this involve monitoring room temperature to ensure they last longer in function and in value. If in any case something goes wrong, do not worry. There are professionals who perform repair and restoration, if an accident happens, or if the watch breaks down due to age.

Owning these time pieces of old will take a lot of care, if you expect their value to appreciate, or if you want to preserve the art and history in these watches. The art form passed down from generation to generation has almost been lost, and by preserving them you also preserve the knowledge. These time pieces tell more than just time; they were symbols of knowledge, sophistication, and stature in the days of their popularity. Anybody can own a luxury wristwatch, but owning a vintage pocket watch makes you a rare connoisseur.


If you enjoy antiques there is not doubt that somehow you are looking for the vintage pocket watch. But finding and purchasing it truly challenges you. The first step that you need to do is to get familiar with the different styles and manufacturers of vintage watches. It is important that you now how to maximize your investment and assure that the watch you buy will have the best value.

The most reputable and dependable watches is the one created by the Waltham watch company. Located at Waltham Massachusetts, the company has been manufacturing watches way back 1800. During this time watches are very collectable and worth a lot of money to the perfect investor. It includes some of the famous vintage pocket watch including the 1853 Barlett watch. Originally this watch is sold for $40 quiet large amount of money at that time. If you happened to encounter one, don’t hesitate to purchase it without hesitation. Some watches such as the Bostom Watch Company this is the older name for Waltham are also collectable. The watches are marked Dennison, Davis and Howard.

Again if you happened to find one grab the opportunity while you can because they are in demand. Waltham Company has gone through many changes throughout the 1800 and with every change it usually comes up with more unique watches. However, the most collectable vintage watches come from the time before the century turn. Waltham was able to change the name and continued to create some of the best examples of vintage pocket watch the world has ever created. Because of lack of demand the company was forced to close out in the middle of 1950’s.

Elgin National Watch Company which is founded in 184 has produced watches until the middle of 1960’s and is another example of the finest technology of watches prior to 1900. The company began to produce watches in the city of Illinois which is highly desirable in the watch antique market. The image of the father time holding a pocket watch is the company logo.

Over the century many companies has created the best watch ever created in the century. Vintage watches became very expensive as the time pass by. Each model are remodelled and revolutionized to create the best watches ever. Waltham and the rest of the companies that manufactures pocket watches has made clock making in the history. Even the new name in clock making has making a big leap in clock making. Rolex which is known for its distinct design has able to produce the most expensive and most desirable clock ever. If before it was Waltham not it is Rolex time to prove that they are among the best maker of pocket watches in the world.

Watch collecting is an extremely popular hobby. A short visit to the magazine rack and your local bookstore will give you some idea of just how popular it is. There isn’t just one Watch Collecting magazine, there’s at least half a dozen. While all kinds of watches are sought after by collectors, my personal favorites are vintage pocket watches. Despite the fact that I wear a watch on my wrist, I frequently have a pocket watch tucked into my jeans as well.

These watches carry a timeless beauty and charm that makes them worth the premium price many of them cost, but since they do tend to get a bit pricey, it is important to choose a pocket watch for your collection that is really worth the money you’ll spend. To help you collect vintage pocket watches without having to deal with any of the possible hassles involved, here are a few helpful tips you can use.

Know the Individual Models and Types

Vintage pocket watches are available in a variety of types, such as open-faced or with a hinged cover. Before you make any purchase for your collection, learn about the different kinds available, and get familiar with some of the favored manufacturers, such as Illinois or Patek Philippe. You can find a wealth of information tackling the individual characteristics and features of different pocket watches. Start surfing the net, but don’t close your doors to some library books and other resources where details about timepieces can be gathered.

There are many books covering watches, such as The Complete Price Guide to Watches, by Tom Engle, which makes a decent place to start. It doesn’t cover vintage pocket watches exclusively, but it goes into a fair amount of depth about them. When finding the right information to use, don’t just stick to one source. Gather information from different sources and compare the facts and trivia presented. You’ll be surprised as to how the information differs and matches, especially on pricing and value.

If you’re planning on buying more than one or two pocket watches, I highly recommend getting an actual book about them and then using online resources to confirm current price data since prices in books are out of date before they even hit publication. And use customer reviews at Amazon to help guide you to the right published resources.

Pricing a Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage pocket watches can run into the hundreds of dollars, but there are some nice watches under $100 as well. I recently bought a very nice Illinois pocket watch on Ebay that cost just a little over $80. Regardless of where you plan to buy a watch, Ebay is a great place to do some price-checking. You can check completed auctions going back two weeks to see what kinds of prices the watch you are interested in buying is currently fetching on the auction marketplace.

Vintage Pocket WatchesThe Vintage pocket watch was introduced many years ago. It became popular in the 20th century when watches used by prominent persons were auctioned. Some of which includes watches used by Abraham Lincoln and others. As time goes by more and more antique watches are coming out. Here are some of the vintage pocket watches.

• European and American -made vintage watch
• Openface watches
• Hunter face watches
• Railroad watches
• Silver orGold watch
• Historical watches

If you are a collector of watches you might get suprised by the variety of choices available. It is best to gather what you want instead of what others will tell you. Besides you are buying the items because you want to have it. Consider your reasons why you are collecting watches. What does it bring into your life? Are you earning from it or just a hobby that makes you feel happy.

Focus and condition are the two essential things that most long time collectors suggest when you are starting to collect. Through focusing on particular kind of watch you may become an well versed on that kind. It is best if you begin with one manufacturer of watches or a particular era of watch making. One watch that has amazing history behind it is the railroad pocket watches you may consider focusing on this and do a lot of research.

It is impossible for you to know all about the kinds of watches, and most of the collectors have no interest in doing it. You just need to pick one and focus on it and become a professional on that particular watch.

The condition of a vintage pocket watch may bring about long debate. Up to the present it was never been agreed as to what is the purist among the pocket watch. Only the mint condition is acknowledge but to others the reason for gathering it should to be acknowledge. If you are collecting because of money then you should deal with mint. If your interest in collecting vintage pocket watch is personal then you don’t have to deal with mint. Dealing with mint can be very expensive so it is important that you know your purpose in collecting the items.

These watches can be purchased at novelty stores and online. There are many styles and era that you can choose from. You can even some of it at auction houses. There are also many sold online but there is a slight danger if you transact online. There are some items being sold online pretending that it is the authentic one but in fact it is not. It is still best to buy the item at well known jewelry or novelty stores for your safety.