Vintage Bulova Watches

December 26, 2009

Vintage Bulova WatchWhat makes Bulova watches a priced possession, enough to be warranted as an heirloom? That apart from being classy and contemporary, it also stands for quality and tradition. We tell you how.

A Bit Of History

In 1875, Joseph Bulova was just 23-years-old when he opened a little jewelry store in New York City. Out of the shop, he sold watches that he designed and created. From there, the tradition of this particular brand of watches began. By 1919, he had a full line of men’s Bulova watches in production and then a ladies’ line in 1924.

His product was popular not only for the quality and craftsmanship that went into them, but also because he kept the ‘Bulova’ name at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In 1926, the company was the first to air a commercial on the radio and then in 1941, it was the first television commercial ever to air.

Contests, endorsements and strategic advertising contributed greatly to the company’s success. By 1931, the company was spending over a million dollars on advertising.


Joseph Bulova was an innovator when it came to making time-pieces more accurate and practical. His family carried on this tradition after his death in 1935. The most important advancement made was the creation of the Accutron, an electronic watch which became the most accurate method of time-keeping give or take 2 seconds.

This line is also the most expensive of all the Bulova watches and the technology uses a tuning fork that is activated by an electric charge, which eliminates the necessity for other tiny moving parts. The accuracy of this technology was so important, NASA commissioned the use of it in their computers and space equipment and the military also used it in timing devices.


Most of the collections have a men’s and a ladies’ model, but there are also some collections that are gender specific. The Bracelet collection is comprised of women’s watches that give the appearance of a bracelet instead of a watch. The band is thinner, more delicate looking. Some bands are even detailed with diamonds to give it a tennis bracelet look.

The men have collections like the Telluride that are very masculine and durable as well as stylish. Women’s and men’s watches come in gold tones, stainless steel, two-tone and even 14K or 18K gold. Leather bands adorn the casual sportier styles. Bulova watches utilize the self-winding method which means the movement of the body keeps the mechanism moving.

Kinetic or motion quartz styles are also available. These are also wound from body movement but they are also powered by it-no batteries are needed. Vintage Bulova watches may not have all the bells and whistles of the new models, but they are still quality pieces that were ahead of their time.

Anyone can enjoy the quality of a Bulova watch because there are so many collections at a wide range of price points. The Caravelle collection was developed in 1962 and it is the most affordable. The styles tend to be more trendy and contemporary, but because of the affordability, people can change their watch with the current trends.

Classic, contemporary, sporty, dressy, practical and luxurious-all of these words describe what can be found in the world of quality Bulova watches.