Where to Find Antique Pocket Watches

December 30, 2009

If you enjoy antiques there is not doubt that somehow you are looking for the vintage pocket watch. But finding and purchasing it truly challenges you. The first step that you need to do is to get familiar with the different styles and manufacturers of vintage watches. It is important that you now how to maximize your investment and assure that the watch you buy will have the best value.

The most reputable and dependable watches is the one created by the Waltham watch company. Located at Waltham Massachusetts, the company has been manufacturing watches way back 1800. During this time watches are very collectable and worth a lot of money to the perfect investor. It includes some of the famous vintage pocket watch including the 1853 Barlett watch. Originally this watch is sold for $40 quiet large amount of money at that time. If you happened to encounter one, don’t hesitate to purchase it without hesitation. Some watches such as the Bostom Watch Company this is the older name for Waltham are also collectable. The watches are marked Dennison, Davis and Howard.

Again if you happened to find one grab the opportunity while you can because they are in demand. Waltham Company has gone through many changes throughout the 1800 and with every change it usually comes up with more unique watches. However, the most collectable vintage watches come from the time before the century turn. Waltham was able to change the name and continued to create some of the best examples of vintage pocket watch the world has ever created. Because of lack of demand the company was forced to close out in the middle of 1950’s.

Elgin National Watch Company which is founded in 184 has produced watches until the middle of 1960’s and is another example of the finest technology of watches prior to 1900. The company began to produce watches in the city of Illinois which is highly desirable in the watch antique market. The image of the father time holding a pocket watch is the company logo.

Over the century many companies has created the best watch ever created in the century. Vintage watches became very expensive as the time pass by. Each model are remodelled and revolutionized to create the best watches ever. Waltham and the rest of the companies that manufactures pocket watches has made clock making in the history. Even the new name in clock making has making a big leap in clock making. Rolex which is known for its distinct design has able to produce the most expensive and most desirable clock ever. If before it was Waltham not it is Rolex time to prove that they are among the best maker of pocket watches in the world.

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