How to Maintain a Vintage Pocket Watch

December 30, 2009

Do you plan to make a vintage pocket watch collection? Do you know what it takes to maintain these rare pieces of art? Are you clueless on how to go about this kind of collection? Are you worried you might end up damaging important pieces of history, and wasting your valuable time and money? Owning these time pieces involves knowhow and experience, but is easy to learn, if your heart is truly into it. All it takes is gathering the correct information, from reliable sources. However, you might ask yourself, “Where do I start?” The answer is less complicated than you may think.

All the answers on how to maintain a vintage pocket watch may be found over the internet, but basically, this is what you have to do. Unlike conventional modern watches, these vintage watches are not water proof. Keep them out of water and moisture to avoid rust. Temperature also plays a large role in maintenance. Antique watches such as this involve monitoring room temperature to ensure they last longer in function and in value. If in any case something goes wrong, do not worry. There are professionals who perform repair and restoration, if an accident happens, or if the watch breaks down due to age.

Owning these time pieces of old will take a lot of care, if you expect their value to appreciate, or if you want to preserve the art and history in these watches. The art form passed down from generation to generation has almost been lost, and by preserving them you also preserve the knowledge. These time pieces tell more than just time; they were symbols of knowledge, sophistication, and stature in the days of their popularity. Anybody can own a luxury wristwatch, but owning a vintage pocket watch makes you a rare connoisseur.

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